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All Seals works with a tremendous variety of plastics and can also provide expert recommendations for your most challenging applications.

The table below describes our most commonly used machined plastics. The information presented here is necessarily general in nature and abbreviated in scope. For more specific information or expert advice, please contact us and speak directly to an experienced materials specialist.

Polyamide PA, Nylon, Nylatron® (Quadrant)
Acetal POM, Delrin ® (DuPont), Polyacetal
Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE, Teflon® (DuPont)
Ultra-High Molecular Weight PE UHMWPE, UHMW Polyethylene
Polyether ether ketone PEEK
Polyphenylene Sulfide PPS, Ryton® (Chevron)
Polyurethane AU; EU; Adiprene®, Vibrathane®(Uniroyal)
Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE, TPC/ET, Hytrel® (DuPont)
Glass filled Nylon GFR Nylon, Nylatron® (Quadrant)
PTFE plus filler PTFE with various fillers (i.e. bronze, carbon, graphite, glass, molybdenum, mineral, etc…)

Nitrile (NBR) Operating temperature: -30° to +250° F*
We warehouse 70 durometer.
Viton™ (FKM) Operating temperature: -15° to +400° F*
We warehouse black 75 durometer.

Hytrel® Operating temperature: -65° to +300° F*
We warehouse 55 durometer Shore D.
Nitrile (NBR) Operating temperature: -25° to +250° F*
We warehouse contoured 90 durometer.
PTFE Operating temperature: -300° to +500° F*
We warehouse 55 durometer, Shore D, 
virgin PTFE split backup rings.



36 Compartment O-Ring Kits

Where there’s a need for quality rubber parts, All Seals is your premier source.


12 Compartment O-Ring Kits

All Seals has a vast inventory of standard parts in universally specified materials readily in stock!


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Rely on All Seals for the widest selection of machined plastics.


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