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We offer shielding products standard and custom-designed in the following configurations:

  • Die-cut
  • Molded
  • Extruded
  • Vulcanized
  • Hand-fabricated
  • Specific compounding


Monel, SnCuFe, or Aluminum mesh over an elastomer core. Provides excellent sealing against moisture, dust, and air. Manufactured in an unlimited number of sizes & shapes; available in continuous length spools, or cut to length. For more information...


Available as a two-ply knitted wire mesh tape, or as a mesh tape with a vinyl-covered jacket; wire is Monel or SnCuFe. A flexible, versatile shielding option. For more information...


For use in applications requiring EMI/RFI shielding and environmental sealing with a low to moderate closure force. Both silicone sponge and silicone solid elastomers available. For more information...


Die-cut gaskets made to customer specifications; available in silicone or neoprene on aluminum, or silicone with Monel. For more information...


Silicone or Fluorosilicone binders with a conductive filler of silver-plated copper, silver-plated aluminum, silver-plated glass, silver, nickel, or nickel-plated graphite. Designed to meet both military and commercial requirements. Die-cut, molded, or extruded per customer specifications. For more information...


Neoprene or silicone fixed to a woven aluminum screen. Available in 8? rolls, or custom die-cut to order. For more information...


Available in expanded Monel, expanded aluminum, or silicone solid. This shielding material is very effective at penetrating non-conductive coatings on the gasket mounting surface. For more information...


An aluminum honeycomb installed in an aluminum frame. The perfect solution when you need a high level of shielding coupled with minimal resistance to airflow. For more information...


Combination EMI/RFI shield and environmental & pressure seal. Knitted mesh available in Monel, SnCuFe, phosphor bronze, or aluminum; elastomer available in neoprene or silicone, in solid or sponge form. For more information...


Triplex construction of highly-flexible nickel over copper-plated polyester, atop an open-celled polyurethane foam core creates an economical, highly-conductive pad. Includes adhesive on bottom surface. For more information...


We offer the most complete line of EMI/RFI shielding strips in the industry. Sold in 16-24 strips, coils up to 35' in length, or cut to order. Also available in stainless steel. For more information...


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